When dealing with multi-million and multi-billion dollar and Euro commission payments, experienced parties place their funds with a neutral third-party to ensure that the commissions are safely and securely distributed.

You want to be assured that your funds will be disbursed swiftly, smoothly, and securely.  As your attorney paymaster, I will serve as an independent third party to receive your incoming commissions into any of my Attorney Trust Accounts, and then quickly disburse your funds according to the exact terms of your fee agreement.

By using the services of an attorney paymaster, you’ll never need to worry about the integrity of your payment process or wonder whether or not your funds will be disbursed.  Regardless of whether you are a private individual or a corporate entity, we can provide the trustworthy disbursement of commissions from transactions of gold (AU), oil, currencies, gas, platinum, sugar, diamonds, and other instruments or commodities.

Your commission will be securely deposited into the firm’s attorney trust account, then disbursed without delay and in exact accordance with the terms of your sub-fee agreement.

Contact me today and I’ll send you everything you need to list me as the attorney paymaster in your Master Fee Agreement and begin preparing a sub-fee agreement so that we can work together to ensure the swift and secure distribution of your funds.